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Information and bio page
Thank you and welcome to my official home page here at

Hello and welcome to my Official Home..

My name is Danica and I'm beautiful in my flaws and perfectly imperfect..  I'm a 5'8" brunette, 100% southern and 100% real.  I mean what I say and I say what I mean.  I don't drink, I don't smoke.  I do love talking to MOST people online.  I think it's pretty cool to observe different cultures and I like learning new things.. This site and the various other things I'm on, such as facebook, give me the means in witch to make some wonderful friends all over the world.

I enjoy being a model in the Adult Entertainment industry, but understand it's not for everyone and if you can't handle that, please just move along.  That said I would like to say a big I love you to my fans!  You guys and girls are the reason I can continue doing what I do. Thank you for all the support and everything. :)  On the subject of suport, son't forget to become a member and show me your support :)

If I had the chance I would love to go to Alaska or the Antarctic. No tropical islands for me thank you (although I wouldn't say no to any vacation right about My ultimate dream vacation would be to visit the Ice hotel in Sweden or the Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway. I love the look of ice and snow. Maybe because I don't have much of it where I'm from. I just think it's the most beautiful thing. When the sun makes it sparkle and it's blueish hue.

I've been modeling since June 2010 and here at Kittens Crypt, is my humble beginnings and as such my official home.  Being a model has been great and is moving on smoothly. I'm very grateful for all the experiences I've had and thankful to have awesome fans like you!  but let me make this very clear right off the bat:  I 'm not going to call you and I'm not going to go out with you. Also I'm not going to talk dirty to you or send you photos and I expect the same behavior from you.  I'm married and very happy with my partner.. not sure I can make it any more clear then that.

So far I've shot with The Score Group, , XLGirls Magazine and am in talks with BiggButt Magazine as well.  I've also on Southern Charms but KittensCrypt was my very first internet site and as such this is the only place to find all of my early original work.  Recently I redirected my domain to point here and hope you will support me by becoming a member here :)

My birthday is June 8th... so I'm a gemini.. this means I have two sides and as long as your nice to me and don't send abuse or un-called for emails, etc.. you will only see one of them :)  that said I would love to hear what people want to see in up and coming photo shoots... so drop me a message if you like at :

For now please enjoy my crypt page and thank you for taking the time out to read my text, rather then just coming here to look for photos. :)

all my love,
Danica xox

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